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Sugar plums dance in your head.

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Who doesn’t dream of sweet-cream-filled-goodness and plump fresh raspberries married with chocolate ganache and crisp, flaky pastry? There’s nothing quite like the French patisserie ‘- the way that all of the handcrafted selections are painstakingly displayed is akin’to a jewelry store, with all the little gems under spotlights.

Shot on an iPhone, no manipulation, Paris, France.

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A Low-down Crosstown

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

We Cincinnatians are serious sports fans. We shower our professional teams with unconditional love and loyalty. We brush off whatever heartache the previous season may have imparted and begin each new season with bright-eyed enthusiasm ‘ “This is going to be it.” Opening Day is practically a holiday. From September to December, Sundays are reserved for tailgating outside Paul Brown. In Cincinnati, sports are inextricably intertwined with our heritage, our traditions and our hometown pride.

Last Saturday’s Crosstown Shootout between the men’s basketball teams of the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University left Cincinnatians hanging our heads in shame. For nearly 80 years, the Crosstown Shootout has been a weeklong tribute to Cincinnati’s two Division I basketball programs. Black and red flags mark houses next to those adorned in blue and white, firing off the Queen City’s friendly rivalries. But the nasty brawl that ended Saturday’s sucker punches and bloody cheeks was an embarrassment that will forever mar one of our city’s most cherished traditions.

Officials and coaches from both universities lamented the unsportsmanlike conduct of their players and issued suspensions to guilty parties. As UC’s head coach Mick Cronin said, “(Players) need to have respect that they are on scholarship and people come to see them play. They’re (representing) institutions of higher learning.”

That’s true. But these players aren’t only disgracing their respective universities, they’re embarrassing the entire city. It’s the kids, the fans, and the alumni who really deserve an apology. We will always love our schools and our teams. But in Cincinnati, the players have to earn it ‘ through hard work, honest winning and dignified losing. As for Saturday’s hooligans, apologies are a good start. For the remainder of the season, respectable behavior, on the court and off, will make us proud again.