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Rooftop view.

Friday, January 27th, 2012
NYC’s New Museum continues to impress. ‘Currently exhibiting Enrico David’s work, ethereal, haunting and emotionally perplexing that
merge modern design, fashion, folk art and historical implications.
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What Keeps You Up at Night?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

From board meetings, to the office, to our social circles, a recurring question lingers throughout conversation: ‘What keeps you up at night?’

Business owners and executives alike use this question to get to the nitty-gritty worries that perennially plague them, especially during a tough economy. Among the most common worries, CEOs and their peers list:

  • Retaining top talent: During times of economic downturn, competitive, high performing executives are more in-demand than ever. CEOs worry how to keep their top performers from being poached away by the competition.
  • Poor health: While CEOs throw themselves headlong into their businesses, they tend to pay little attention to their own personal health. Panic attacks and sleep deprivation are most common, according to Nancy MacKay, co-author of The Talent Advantage.
  • Poor personal relationships: Ever boast of ‘being married to the job?’ While pouring endless hours into a career may yield big results, many CEOs are constantly concerned they spend too little time with their spouses and children.

On the bright side, CEOs are ideally suited to take action to alleviate their worries, leaving baggy eyes behind. Pulling from their business insight, businessmen and ‘women can apply the same approaches to trouble shooting and problem-solving their health and personal relationships as they do at their office. As MacKay explains, ‘They’ll set deadlines, goals and measures of success to ensure they’re getting the results they’re after.’

What keeps you up at night? What are you doing about it?

Blow Out.

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Glass is like a chameleon — one day a car windshield, the next a piece of jewelry or an art piece. ‘Darren Goodman breathes his life
into glass works creating visually stunning pieces that oftentimes defy the realms of color theory. ‘His recent exhibit at The Cincinnati Art Museum
included this display of glass drops hanging effortlessly from the gallery ceiling.
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Urban Gardens: Hobo-chic or Here to Stay?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

In depressed cities across the country, closed businesses and foreclosed homes have produced vacant lots and abandoned buildings a plenty. But amidst the all-too-familiar scenes of bulldozers and bleak urban decay, tiny green oases are providing food, jobs and hope. Indeed, urban gardening, formerly a practice reserved for yuppie foodies and DIY hipsters, has become wildly popular in recent years for people across the socioeconomic spectrum.

As Sarah Parsons of the blog Good notes, urban gardening has been the go-to solution for food insecurity in times of economic distress in the U.S., and the present recession is no exception. From the Panic of 1893, to FDR’s ‘relief garden program’ during the Great Depression, to World War II, Americans have grown food in windowsills, balconies and vacant lots. Each time, however, the trend faded as economic conditions improved, and gardening once again became a hobby exclusively for the upper class city dwellers.

Yet Parsons has reason to believe that today’s craze will not meet a similar fate. From Cleveland to Detroit to San Francisco, cities have embraced policies and enacted legislation that promote sustainable agricultural initiatives within their limits. ‘Unlike urban leaders of yore, city and state officials today aren’t just using urban gardens as a kind of emergency welfare or a distraction from troubled political and economic times,’ she writes. As more and more recognize gardening as a veritable socioeconomic catchall, increasing property values and beautifying distressed areas while creating jobs and addressing food security issues, it’s likely that the trend may just stick this time around.

Bon appetit!

Herding Cats

Friday, January 13th, 2012

One cat sitting in a Mini would be cute. ‘Three cats in a Mini begs the question – how’d those cats get in there and where are they going ?
Motor on.
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