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Archive for July, 2012

Chasing Seagulls.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Footprints in the sand are as individual as fingerprints on a glass. ‘But footprints tell a story before they are washed away. ‘Where were those two
feet headed? Where did they come from? How young is that person? Something to ponder.
Shot on an iPhone using an InstaGram filter, by Rick Painter.

Virtually A Mob.

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Flash mobs are taking over America’s unsuspecting public locations for commercials, movies, birthday parties and even proposals. But why? And how? Flash mobs are described as a group of people that assemble suddenly in a predetermined location to perform a choreographed dance or other random act and leave as if nothing has happened. The first flash mob organized by Bill Wasik, Senior Editor of Harper’s Magazine, was created as a social experiment designed to mock the culture of conformity. Little did Wasik know, he was creating a vehicle for conformity that would spread like wildfire amidst newly popular social media platforms.

Both Facebook and Twitter have played a significant role in the growing popularity of flash mobs across the country. In preparation for Step Up Revolution, an upcoming dance film, Summit Entertainment turned to their Twitter followers to increase excitement. Their goal was to create a virtual flash mob, asking fans to record themselves performing one of four choreographed routines and tweeting the link with the hashtag, #StepUpMob.

According to an article in Mashable, more than 300 dancers from 25 countries participated in the virtual flash mob, which is a true testament to the unification power of social media. ‘The studio released the compilation on Monday in anticipation for the movie’s release this Friday, July 27.

On the other side of the spectrum, Flash Mob America (FMA), an organization that coordinates flash mobs across the country, not only uses email and social media for promotional purposes, but also as a communication tool. With such a widespread audience, FMA can utilize social media to notify their participants of upcoming events or changes in schedule at the drop of a hat without expending significant time. On top of that, the coordinators can post tutorial videos of upcoming dances for flash mobbers in the area, or viral videos of past performances.

Social media outlets have spurred the communication process, alleviating the enormous effort it takes to coordinate a large-scale event like a flash mob. These platforms also allow for flexibility, which further embraces the intrinsic element of surprise in each performance. Without the help of the instantaneous updates that America craves, both live and viral flash mobs as we know them might cease to exist.

Ahh Spring.

Friday, July 20th, 2012
With continuous days of 90+ degrees and humidity so thick you could slice it, daydream about the random delights of Springtime…..
Shot on an iPhone with an Instagram filter by Ashley Youkilis.’

A Smarter Summer in the City.

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Often, the only predictable thing about summer if you work in business is a daily ‘Out of Office’ message from a client or colleague. While many business professionals refer to summer as the slow season, summer can actually require more from us. Conducting business and keeping a regular pace at work requires that we adjust our business tools and rely more on our intuitive, relational side. Between vacations and shorter hours, we need to be more proactive in picking up the unspoken cues from those around us. Overall, the summer season demands that we use our emotional intelligence- not just seasoned business acumen- to determine where, when and how to engage with others who may be operating on a different wavelength.

Here is a list of smart business practices to keep top-of-mind this summer:

  1. Allow more time for projects. In order to accommodate summer schedules, it is never a bad idea to get the ball rolling earlier than usual on certain tasks. A longer lead-time will ensure that a project will be completed accurately and on time, even if there is a slight delay.
  2. Shorten emails. The sun in shining outside and attention spans are shorter than ever. Keep emails simple and to the point so that important details are not overlooked. It never hurts to use bold or underline styles to emphasize a key point.
  3. Be flexible. It is rarely easy to coordinate multiple schedules, let alone during vacation prime time. Try to keep an open mind when suggesting meeting times and be prepared with backup dates.
  4. Reconnect. Use summer as a time to reestablish connections with colleagues and clients.’ Go out to lunch or make a phone call instead of sending an email. Take the time to build your social media persona, expand your network and develop a more approachable, interactive image.
  5. Get organized. Take advantage of the lull in business activity and use it as an opportunity to work on other projects or tidy workspace and file cabinets.
  6. Maintain a professional wardrobe. Save the flip-flops, short skirts and barely-there tops for the weekend, always dressing with business style in mind ‘ it matters just as much how you look in the office, as visiting a client’s office. It is always smart to wear a flexible outfit to transition between the scorching temperatures outside and the chilly A/C in the office.

How does your office maintain a positive work environment during the summer?

Bridge Art.

Friday, July 13th, 2012
Functionality aside, bridges are works of art that rival the engineering of the Great Pyramids. ‘Beyond driving them hundreds of times a year,’few of us ever really look at them as the modern architectural statements that they are.
Shot on an iPhone, with an Instagram filter.
by Jon Keeling