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The wiener the world awaited.

Friday, September 28th, 2012
Dachshunds'(or wiener dogs) were the spotlight of Zinzinnati’s Oktoberfest last Friday in the “Running of the Wieners”.
Some of those pups are smokin’!
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PC no more?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

If you work in an office, you are most likely sitting in front of a computer screen. Try to imagine sitting before a small tablet instead, performing daily tasks with touch and taps instead of clicks. This vision has the potential to become reality as the sale of personal computers continues to fall beneath the steadily increasing purchase rate of tablets. We have seen this trend with typewriters and VHS tapes, but will personal computers soon be added to the list of dying breeds of technology?

According to an article on, smartphones and tablets will gain headway in the next five years, rendering personal computers and landlines obsolete. More than a decade ago, it was almost impossible to imagine a future without personal computers.

Professional commercial photographer, Jon Keeling, has both an iPad and a personal computer, but the iPad dominates most of his technology usage. Outside of generating invoices and estimates on his computer, he uses his iPad for all other business related and personal needs like photography and reading. While a computer may be ideal for typing, the iPad is interactive, allowing me to access and edit any file, says Keeling. I will not be surprised when Apple revolutionizes their technology, dispelling consumer concerns and replacing personal computers.

However, some tablet lovers aren t as convinced. Paul Bell, Program, Communication & Administration Manager at the European-American Chamber of Commerce (EACC) purchased an iPad last year to replace his main computer but discovered that some of the functions were not practical for his needs. Deciding that the iPad better serves for non-job related tasks, Bell purchased a Macbook Air, which is similar in size to the iPad, but offers the full experience with more processing power. The iPad is on the cusp of practicality but it s not at that point yet, says Bell. I don t believe that consumers are ready to make the switch from personal computers to tablets.

In today s society, consumers expect that technology be versatile and immediate, satiating our need for a mobile lifestyle. Less importance is being placed on the need to store information in one centralized location as more people are storing their files in the Cloud, making them available anywhere at anytime. Personal computers as we know them could cease to exist as smartphones and tablets capitalize on functionality. What do you think are you ready to make the switch?

Modern farm.

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Farms as we traditionally know them grow corn, soybeans, potatoes or any number of crops. Farms of windmills are a striking visual — popping up more and more in the U.S., but much more commonplace on the back roads of Europe.
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Color Me Crazy

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

While marathons have become increasingly popular, a new phenomenon is taking the nation by storm, claiming to be the happiest 5k in existence and it s called The Color Run .

What is The Color Run , you ask? It is a three-mile walk or run during which contestants wearing white t-shirts get plastered with colored paint during different zones of the course.

At each kilometer, volunteers, sponsors and staff throw a different color at the participants as they pass, ending in an extravaganza of yellow, orange, pink and blue. Don t worry, the color is 100% natural and safe. According to the creators, participants can eat it if they so desire; some have done that claiming it has a chalky aftertaste and is shockingly high in calories.

By the end of the event, each walker or runner is covered from head to toe in bright paint colors. After the race, participants are encouraged to engage in food and festivities to celebrate the race completion in color riddled glory.

Unlike many marathons that are driven by completion time or place, The Color Run is a unique 5k geared towards fun. They welcome participants of all ages, shapes, sizes and speeds, promising that it will be the most memorable and colorful walk or run of your life.

With America s obesity epidemic, this could be an innovative solution to motivate people throughout the nation to engage in exercise and enjoy their experience.

The Color Run is coming to Cincinnati on October 6, directing participants around U.S. Bank Arena and the Cincinnati Reds Stadium. Proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Will you be a color runner?

Stairway to heaven.

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Endless possibilities. Time to reflect, contemplate. What’s it all about?

Shot on an iPhone by Paul Bell