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Jack O’Graphic

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

In honor of Halloween, dunnhumby is having a little ghoulish fun with our retail partners…
Attached is a lighthearted Halloween Infographic on how many pumpkins are sold each year in the US and UK using Tesco and Kroger data.
Happy Halloween!

The meeting of offline and online worlds.

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

It certainly is not news that today’s existence revolves around technology but has hiding behind your device made it impossible to form organic connections?

A technology company based in New York called Grouper is hoping to take advantage of this trend by connecting with people online and bringing them together offline. Essentially a concierge service, once a customer applies for a membership, Grouper does all of the work. The idea is fairly simple: once the application is accepted, the new member will recruit two friends of the same sex and Grouper will use five main criteria including age, educational background, profession, interests and general lifestyle to match a group of the opposite sex. In addition to information provided on the application, Grouper works with Facebook to become familiar with your likes, interests and friend list in order to pair groups that have never met, but will most likely get along. After pairing two groups, this organization makes a table reservation at a bar and discloses the details to each group separately so that each meeting is a surprise. Currently in twelve states, Grouper is the latest social club.

Zimride, a California based carpool company, takes their concierge services one step further by helping travelers sell spaces in their private cars. This service connects drivers and prospective passengers for trips of more than one hour. The company, which has recently expanded to the East Coast, calls this ’21st-century hitchhiking’. Like Grouper, Zimride is linked to Facebook so that drivers can choose or connect with their potential road trip buddies, ensuring a fun experience. While initially, customers come for the travel savings, the company says that repeat customers most value the social experience.

While these methods of connecting with similar people stray far from conventional, these companies are attempting to use technological advancements in an untapped manner to enhance relationships that might not arise in today’s society.

Color my world.

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Is it water or fountains of soda? Liquid candy? It’s anything you want it to be.

Shot on an iPhone’by Paul Bell using an Instagram filter

Paper or Bytes ‘ what’s your business card of choice?

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

When is the last time you exchanged business cards with a new contact? Have you ever received a card that was out of the ordinary that you saved or that sticks out among all the rest? While many communications have gone digital, business cards are still a powerful tool for sustaining a first impression and just like any piece of marketing collateral, can help to project your brand and expertise.

By comparing some of the business cards at your desk, it is easy to see which cards elicit positive responses and those that could use improvement. An article on Business Insider shares six tips for creating top-notch business cards, which reinforces the need for quality that reflects your industry or line of work. Beyond your brand, it’s best to keep it simple to help important information stand out sans cluttered images and shapes.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, some employees in digitally driven industries like technology or IT have gone against the grain by using digital business cards. Upgrades to the business card range from USB drives to microchips, but these forms are few and far between in a world that does not have a perfect alternative for traditional business cards. Beyond any digital upgrade or cool new feature, choosing a card that expresses the value and quality of your brand is vital. And that’s the difference between an email signature and a business card: unique and high quality.

Combined with an upscale design, the investment will pay off by differentiating the company and creating an identity for the individuals who are distributing the business cards.

Not only do business cards boost your brand, they are tangible and universally receivable in a business environment of digital clutter and email overload. With society’s inclination to make connections and conduct business digitally, it is imperative to maintain some forms of human interaction, such as exchanging business cards. What do you think ‘ will traditional business cards maintain their necessity?

Crystal crown.

Friday, October 19th, 2012
Cincinnati, The Queen City, as it is called, has its very own crown in the skyline. ‘It takes on a different look at different times of day.’Clouds create a crystal texture as a background for the crown’s beauty.
Shot on an iPhone by’Ashley Youkilis using an Instagram filter’