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Archive for November, 2012

Water is life.

Friday, November 30th, 2012

There’s nothing like Chicago in the summertime. Grant Park and its fountains breathe new life into a typically hot, hot summer.

Shot on an iPhone, converted to black and white, by Jon Keeling

Siriously Connected.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Most of us have seen the sassy Siri commercials featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel demonstrating all of Siri’s capabilities from finding a nearby marketplace to setting a reminder to clean the house (in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 18 months, Siri is the Apple iPhone personal assistant). Finally, we have confirmation that Siri will enter a realm she has never been before: the car.

In early 2013, drivers of two GM models, the Chevrolet Spark and Sonic, will have the option to integrate Siri into their MyLink infotainment systems. According to General Motors, Siri will operate in Hands Free and Eyes Free mode in order to minimize distractions. By using buttons on the steering wheel, owners of the iPhone 4S and 5 will be able to interact with Siri by using their voice without the screen lighting up. Drivers can make phone calls, play tunes, confirm calendar appointments, check the score of the game and compose, send and audibly listen to messages or emails ‘ all while keeping their eyes on the road.

This announcement is coming in the midst of the AT&T ‘It Can Wait’ campaign, which is encouraging drivers to take a pledge to cease distracted driving practices. Fast Company reports that other car brands including Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota and Honda are working with Apple to release their own integration systems. This new technology could revolutionize our driving experience, cutting down on distracted driving and optimizing the hours we spend commuting.

But are people really so busy that they can’t drive to a meeting across town without performing a single function or another on their iPhone? Is it possible that society is so connected that our devices have become an extension of us in every aspect of our day?

Lighting the way.

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Light is a wave like sound. Light needs no medium to travel. Bright to dim, we can’t live without it.

Shot on an iPhone by Paul Bell using an Instagram filter at Igby’s

Soon-to-be Holiday Traditions

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

The ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is right around the corner and in a city rich with tradition, Cincinnati has so much to offer. What’s even more exciting is that many of these events are held in our urban mecca, and there are a wealth of new holiday activities for families in the revitalized Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. While you can always ice skate on Fountain Square or see Santa Claus scale the Macy’s wall, this year there are plenty of new events starting right after Thanksgiving.

Cincideutsch, an organization of native German speakers and Americans who have lived in Germany, will host the first-ever Cincideutsch Christkindlmarkt at Fountain Square.’ Aiming to promote modern German language and culture in Cincinnati, Cincideutsch’s authentic German Christmas market will include vendors selling mulled wine and other warm drinks, beer, and seasonal decorations. The Christkindlmarkt runs November 23-25.

November 30, the American Legacy Tours known for their Gangster and Underground Brewery tours will kick off their latest tour, The Spirit of Christmas.’ The tour spans the historic Gateway Quarter to visit churches of local and national significance ending in the fully decorated St. Francis Seraph Church and Friary, where patrons can view nativity scenes from around the world and a highly detailed Charles Dickens Village.

The City Flea, a ‘curated urban flea’ market, is hosting ‘Wrapped Up’ Holiday Market on December 8 at Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine.’ The market, consisting of 65-80 vendors, will be centered around the park’s bandstand and will feature live music, holiday decorations, hot beverages and other holiday essentials.

On December 14, Over-the-Rhine’s Washington Park will provide the perfect backdrop for the third annual Light-Up-OTR, bringing together the OTR community for entertainment and fun celebrating the holiday season. 1,000 luminaries will illuminate OTR leading to the 30-foot tree. Following the tree lighting everyone is invited to Over-the-Rhine’s newest restaurant, Kaze, for an after-party.

This season, verve off the beaten path and experience the holidays in the heart of Cincinnati in one of the most historic neighborhoods in America.

Eagle’s Eye View

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Ethereal and wondrous. ‘A site to behold and ponder upon.

Image shot on an iPhone with an Instagram filter by Rick Painter.