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Friday, April 26th, 2013

NYC 10-12-1791

Inspiring and evergreen, always evoking emotion.

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Bitcoin Mania

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Rumored to be a Ponzi scheme, bitcoin has taken the digital world by storm, creating an entirely new currency ‘ in online form. Susceptible to attacks from hackers, the market has experienced a great deal of price volatility, which does not inspire confidence with investors given the fact that bitcoin’s exact origin is unknown.

Created by anonymous programmers in 2009, bitcoins are a form of digital currency that live on borrowed computer space around the world and are maintained by peers as opposed to a central bank. Only around 11 million bitcoins could be created and are in existence online today, which prevents those in circulation from being devalued.

Mark Zuckerberg’s nemeses, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, now hold one of the largest portfolios of digital money. The New York Times recounts that the twins, who were students are Harvard, founded a social networking site called ConnectU and enlisted the help of Zuckerberg to build the platform.

Unfortunately, there are very few places that accept bitcoins as a form of payment ‘ for now. A website called Silk Road operates as a digital black market, selling narcotics only to buyers who have the untraceable form of currency, bitcoins. According to Wired, the website is only accessible by connecting to the Tor network, which makes users anonymous and imperceptible.

Investors like the Winklevoss twins see huge potential in the controversial bitcoin system, but a fair amount of skepticism is cast at the digital form of currency. Is it possible that one day in the future, we will be able to pay for our morning Starbucks or even possibly make international transactions using bitcoins?

A power greater than us.

Friday, April 19th, 2013


Atheist or believer, all of us appreciate the beauty of nature.

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Summer Happenings

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

With the beginning of spring comes warmer weather and of course, excitement for summer. Along with vacations on the beach, summer also means plenty of options for outdoor concerts, hosted in a variety of new and previously existing venues. ‘This year Cincinnati offers a lot to daydream about, especially when it comes to music.

The Killers, a Grammy-nominated band from Las Vegas will be performing at the sold-out Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati inaugural concert on May 16. The concert will take place on ‘The Shoe,’ a one-acre event plaza located at the front entrance of the casino.

Riverbend Music Center will host recent Grammy-nominees the Lumineers on June 4th. Originally to be held at PNC Pavilion, the concert was moved to the outdoor location to accommodate the high demand and tickets for the new location are already sold out.

If you missed your opportunity to get tickets to these concerts, you still have a chance to see great live music outdoors. One of the most anticipated music events in Cincinnati, Bunbury Music Festival is scheduled for July 12-14 and features headliners including MGMT, the National and recent Grammy winners Fun. Other crowd-drawing bands scheduled to perform include Cincinnati natives Walk the Moon, Tegan and Sara, Cake, Twenty One Pilots and Belle and Sebastian, to name a few. The festival, which is located at Sawyer Point at Yeatman’s Cove, was ranked 9th in 2012’s Essential Summer Festivals by Yahoo. Festivalgoers can purchase single day tickets for $55.00 or three day passes that grant access to all performances for $110.00.

So where does one go to find out about such events? Websites such as Live Nation, Stubhub and Ticketmaster are great sources to search all kinds of events in your area. To find out what concerts all of your friends are going to – just hop on social media, where there is endless buzz on the best music festivals. Follow your favorite artists on Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of the latest tour dates, or check out any of these top music blogs.

Sleep. Over.

Friday, April 12th, 2013


Ah, the innocence of children. Play, make believe, friendships, kittens and candy. Then they grow up….

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