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The Weiner The World Awaited

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

‘Carlos Danger” is now the focus of the NYC mayoral race. If Anthony Weiner’s background wasn’t controversial enough, his pseudonym does the trick, captivating the press and leaving the rest of the nation, once again, in disbelief. The recent discovery of illicit online conversations under the name of Carlos Danger has been linked as the cover name for past, and now hopeful, politician Anthony Weiner. Issues launched in 2011 forcing Weiner’s infamous resignation have resurfaced not only with his introduction back into the political scene, but thanks to his continued engagement in the same behaviors. Whether you believe that Weiner’s antics are harmless and have no bearing on his professional abilities, or are shocked that someone at Weiner’s level would make such an embarrassing mistake once again, his behavior clearly says he has issues.

With the rise of texting and social media, many in the public eye have been caught in less-than-favorable positions posting a photo or saying something inappropriate.’ However, most learn from the err of their ways and don’t make the same mistake twice.’ It is important to note that this could just be celebs or politicians with great managers, PR teams, or press handlers clamping down on bad behavior and portraying the desired impression. In Weiner’s case however, can anyone deny that this guy has a sexual addiction or some other sort of mental issue? Clearly even though he went through a round of intensive therapy after the 2011 debacle, he has not been ‘cured’.

A new poll says that Weiner has slipped to fourth place in the mayoral race; the poll was conducted amid the fallout of his most recent sexting scandal. It seems that the New York voters are unwilling to see past his seedy behavior and the distraction it has caused the Campaign, especially the embarrassment to the city of New York. In the midst of this disgust, how can his wife Huma remain at his side? Who could stay married to a man who continually disrespects himself, his wife and the very constituencies he could be responsible for representing?? Politics aside, we are talking about a husband and wife here. She’s educated and sophisticated ‘ what is keeping her by his side? Piecing together interviews, it appears that she is taken with his laundry and morning tea. Will see how many domestic tasks he can take on to get out of this slew of controversy’

Abstract view.

Friday, July 26th, 2013


Depending on the point of view, something familiar can look like something else completely. ‘If you don’t know what you are looking at (like this) it’s a mind-puzzle….

Shot on an iPhone by Rick Painter

Hard Knock Life

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Beginning August 6, the Cincinnati Bengals will make their second appearance on HBO’s Hard Knocks. The show debuted in 2009, subjecting the personal and private lives of players, coaches and staff to the speculation of reality television viewers. While many NFL fans remain skeptical about the Cincinnati franchise, this might be a chance for the Bengals to gain some positive awareness.

Before their appearance on the show in 2009, the Bengals were the laughingstock of the NFL. With multiple player arrests, questionable team management and a horrific record, it seemed as though the Bengals were asking for further embarrassment when they agreed to have every second of their training camp documented. However, the Bengals ultimately won the division that season. Was it simply a coincidence that the presence of the cameras coincided with the successful season or does the show deserve more credit as a jumpstart for the team?

According to Fox Sports, the show has received criticism about featuring the same team twice, however the majority of the team roster has changed since 2009. With the addition of Andy Dalton, A.J. Green and new draft, Tyler Eifert, the Bengals are showcasing an entirely different team.

Unfortunately, the Bengals are back to where they started before filming the first segment of the show four years ago and have suffered from negative publicity in the past year. Current player, Pacman Jones, was arrested for assaulting a woman and former player, Chad Ochocinco was arrested for domestic violence. But the negative publicity isn’t exclusive to the Bengals – the NFL at large has its problems. Former New England Patriots player, Aaron Hernandez was arrested for the alleged murder of Odin Lloyd and Business Insider reports that 27 active players have been arrested since the Super Bowl on February 3.

On the field, the Bengals also have yet to prove themselves. Even after making it to the playoffs last year, they have not won a playoff game since 1990 and their lack of national presence makes them an underdog in the eyes of football fans.

The NFL Films crew began setting up at Paul Brown Stadium last week as players report to camp today. Cincinnatians can only hope that this inside look will revitalize the Bengals and shed a positive light on the city. Who else will be watching?

Water under the bridge.

Friday, July 19th, 2013


Cincinnati is bursting at the seams. Not only is there a new casino, but so many new eateries that it’s difficult to keep up.

Shot on an iPhone by Paul Bell.

The Sweetest Comeback: Twinkies Return

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

The quintessential American treats that rapidly and unexpectedly disappeared from grocery store shelves this past winter, arrived back in stores early this week. To prompt the celebratory return of the Twinkies family, a wave of social media marketing strategies were launched over the past few weeks in an attempt to reenergize the brand both by targeting a new audience and welcoming back die-hard fans.

What had been known as a successful and iconic American brand, Hostess announced bankruptcy in January following an abrupt liquidation of the Twinkies, Dolly Madison snack cakes, Donnettes, Ho-Ho’s, Ding-Dongs, and other brand treats from customer’s shopping carts. Two private equity firms, Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management bought the company and sought to revitalize the brand, taking a fresh approach to come back stronger than before. The marketing campaign began at the end of June, but has launched into full-gear this week. The ad strategy employs a blend of traditional and nontraditional media, capitalizing on the legacy of the brand and ensuring its relevancy to generations of today.

USA Today details that this ‘younger, more aggressive’ ad campaign utilized its strategic marketing efforts in connecting to potential clients through social media. The Hostess Facebook page has been updated nearly every day with comments such as: ‘We’re back online. And pretty soon we’ll be back in the snack aisle’ and tweets express the customer’s eagerness of Twinkies’ return. All these methods are attracting a younger, and tech-savvy customer base. Additionally, major cities are boasting mega outdoor advertising and have street teams handing out t-shirts and buttons, encouraging customer mobilization by sharing the pre-Twinkies return excitement on Twitter, Vine, and Instagram.

Developing a promotion like the ‘cake face’ managed by; encouraged customers to post pictures and videos of themselves preparing for the Twinkies re-launch. This has been appropriately changed to and boasts thousands of images of customers capturing their excitement of the return.

The revamp of marketing strategies is just one facet of the new Hostess. One particular new audience the brand is seeking to attract is described as bros, or young adult males. Shifting more merchandise away from grocery stores and into convenience stories is one way Hostess is changing its strategy to mirror the patterns of this demographic.