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The intoxicating aroma

Friday, April 25th, 2014


Color, texture and aroma overpower the senses to a dream-like state.

Shot on an iPhone by Clare Whitaker.

Sneak Attack

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Last week, a large-scale theft operation was uncovered at Nike’s Oregon headquarters. Known as Look See, the ‘smuggle and sell’ operation involved a trio that had been stealing pre-production shoes and selling them through eBay, specialty boutiques, and shoe stores for almost two years. A Nike product manager, his predecessor, and a Florida businessman were the masterminds behind the ploy, which netted hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise. Certain things make sense for a cohort operations, smuggling drugs, weapons ‘ but shoes? What prompted such a scheme?

This operation sheds light on the nation-wide obsession amongst young men for unique and high-design footwear. The trend started about 30 years ago with the debut of Nike’s Air Jordans, but has spread like wildfire over the past few years. About three times a week, sneaker aficionado’s can find updates on specialty blogs such as Sneaker News. The website posts about the latest releases from retro comebacks to top-line collaborations, and design experiments like marble soles, gold sheen mesh, and’more. In addition, specialty Twitter and Instagram accounts like 21Mercer have thousands of followers who eagerly wait for updates of the latest lace-up kicks hitting the market. Having one-of-a-kind shoes are more popular than ever before and fans are willing to pay a pretty penny for their obsession. As desirable as owning these sought after shoes might be, many shoe connoisseurs are even more interested in selling their prized footwear.

Growing up in an age of eBay, young adults and teens know all about trading up ‘ and earning a profit. Using social media, in addition attending weekend conventions (many involving a special invite and $25 entrance fee), these enterprising young fellows are acquiring, trading, and selling coveted and special-edition basketball shoes.

Although this hobby might be more Wolf of Wall Street than pick-up basketball, parents think that the selling and bartering is actually providing good lessons for their kids, fostering a business-savvy mindset. Before they’ve even graduated school, these kids are professional networkers and negotiators, and have learned how to avoid being taken advantage of in business transactions. Who knew the simple shoe could inspire such entrepreneurialism and passion?

Worship or not.

Friday, April 18th, 2014
Beautiful by anyone’s standards; ‘worship the design or the religion.

The Guy in the Green Jacket

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Once a year Augusta, Georgia, makes headlines as the host of the country’s most famous golf match: The Masters. Although it is not the oldest American golf tournament, people far and wide celebrate the generations of tradition reflected in the annual sporting event. The Masters is not a national championship, but rather an invitational run by an extremely private club – the Augusta National. For nearly 80 years, the invitational has been played on the same course and the hosting party has the privilege of doing pretty much whatever it likes to do. Watching the Masters is almost like getting lost in time’ hushed voices, men in tassel shoes, the club room fireplace with a painted scene of burning wood, the iconic Green Jacket and no cell phones on the course. It is the land of southern gentlemen, but has been embraced by fans for decades. ‘A tradition unlike any other‘ couldn’t be a more perfect slogan for the Masters.

This year’s champion is not the most traditional sort of guy. The thirty-five year old Bubba Watson won the 2014 Masters – his second Green Jacket victory in three years. Only three other golfers have accomplished this achievement: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Jack Nicklaus. For many golf fans, it’s hard to see Bubba Watson in the rankings of the ‘best of the best.’

His unusual swing has captured the interest of fans and golfing pros alike. He has a wild left handed swing, which reflects that he never had formal golf instruction, but instead taught himself to master almost every shot. He taught himself how to play cuts and draws, highs, and lows, hooks and slices ‘ and he can visualize and shape shots better than any player of his generation. Beyond his atypical swing, Bubba has an interesting personal record as well.

The professional golfer’s beginnings are rooted outside of Pensacola, Florida. His dad sent him to the local community golf course and he later played for his high school and Faulkner State Community College in Georgia. He is a devout and outspoken Christian. Bubba’s wife, past WNBA player Angie Ball, and their adopted son Caleb greeted him as he championed the 77th Masters. Also there to meet him was his best friend and pastor, Judah Smith of City Church in Seattle. Smith is infamously known for his close relationship with pop star Justin Bieber.

Bubba tweeted an image early Monday morning of his post-championship meal at The Waffle House. He was in company with wife, Pastor Smith, and a handful of other friends who watched him order his favorite grilled cheese and hash browns.

Regardless if it’s his unique swing, humble upbringings, religious affiliations, or diner of choice ‘ Bubba is definitely a tradition-al unlike any other in the wake of his second victory on the greens of the nations most esteemed sporting event.

Made with love.

Friday, April 11th, 2014
Authentic recipes and freshest ingredients in the hands of artisans create one of the best foods on earth.