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Make someone’s day.

Friday, May 30th, 2014

flower spot

Flowers create happiness in a way nothing else can.

Making Social Work

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Marketers are investing an incredible amount of time and resources in attempt to master social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are not only household names, but top tier companies that have become an integral part in the lives of billions. Brands don’t want to miss out – but making sure they’re doing what’s right is easier said than done.

Marketers are using social media in unprecedented ways to connect companies in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer scenarios. Facebook is the most popular platform, with nearly 97% of marketers having a presence, followed by Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The catch: Less than half of marketers believe that Facebook is effective, as reported in the 6th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Despite almost 100% of marketers using Facebook, only 34% think their posts are actually of value. This extreme disparity should not ward brands off social media. On the contrary, social media becomes that much more valuable for the brands associated with marketers who are in support of Facebook. Marketers who see the value in Facebook posting, are the ones implementing the right tactics. Their expertise, passion, and insight leverages Facebook in the best context for brands. In fact, the most successful social media ad campaigns have inseparable ties to Facebook – some occurring just weeks ago.

In addition to Facebook, brand marketers are exploring and incorporating strategies to best utilize the other social media platforms. Facebook’s recent acquisition, Instagram, is one of the platforms marketers are leveraging. Patagonia and Warby Parker are two brands having particular success engaging with customers on Instagram. Jim Squires Instagram’s Director/Market Operations explains, Patagonia focuses on lifestyle rather than uploading product images. Warby Parker has played into popular Instagram techniques and hashtags. Most importantly, Squires says the brands doing well are focusing on the foundation of their brand and fitting that into the social community.

Whereas Instagram works well for business-to-consumer relations, Deloitte has re-envisioned Twitter to make the platform work best for their business-to-business intentions. Deloitte created an employee-run Twitter account, @LifeAtDeloitte. Every week, a different Deloitte professional assumes responsibility for the Twitter account to share their stories and workplace experiences. Diversifying the @LifeAtDeloitte voice, followers can hear from everyone including first-year auditors to consultants, new hires, to senior leaders. Deloitte Senior Manager of Employer Brand, Lisa Monarski, has noted that this has had a positive effect on the brand and interest in the account continues to grow, with a 46% increase in followers in the past year alone.

Social media is an exciting, although complicated tool to understand and use effectively.  It’s important to utilize the available platforms in a way that best represents the brands and attracts the right target audience. At the end of the day, make sure you have the right marketing team advocating for the best interest in your brand and its potential. The brands that have achieved social media success have done so in due credit to innovative, creative, and well-practiced social media experts. The marketing team focuses on generating engagement and building awareness, but, more than anything advocate on behalf of the brand to make it both accessible and inviting. And that is the true merit of social media.

Two by Two

Friday, May 23rd, 2014


The perfect setting inviting companions to relax and absorb the world around them.

Shot on an iPhone by Jon Keeling.

Beauty school drop out

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Have you ever intended to radically change your hair only to chicken out in the chair ? It happens all the time – haircut phobia. Spot a celebrity in an amazing cut and before long, the excitement leads you to the salon. Eventually the thrill of a new look morphs into second-guessing, and you end up requesting your standard cut. Why do people fear something that is so temporary? Haircut phobia, or tonsurephonio, is not restricted to cases when someone is about to get a new haircut and then changes their mind. Even those who go for the same look every time, are subject to haircut anxiety. Often times it stems from a prior bad experience, like that occasion when “just a trim” turned into a chomp. Why does something as simple as a haircut, that will grow back, cause so much anxiety ?

For most women, a trip to the salon should be one of the most relaxing experiences. But it can become a dreadful experience for others who are insecure with stepping out of their comfort zone. No one should let their fears hold them back, especially when it’s as simple as a haircut. For those with hesitations in trying something new, or even making a trip to the salon, here are a few recommendations to overcome your phobia:

  1. Find Your Doppelganger
  2. Take Your Time
  3. Find a Stylist You Trust
  4. Tell Everyone Else to Butt Out
  5. Post a Selfie

Women spend, on average, 10 days a year making sure that their hair looks perfect – this is equivalent to 40 minutes a day. A women’s hair says a lot about her – the color, cut, style all reflect her personality. Both men and women are very particular about their hairstyle. They want to make sure that it suits them. But, as comfortable as we may be with discovering our own “perfect look” we are equally attracted to a new style and are intrigued to how that would look on us.

This year has been full of fresh, new cuts from sleek pixies to the messy bobs to ombré color to lavender hues. The best way to start is by just making slight adjustments – knowing that it will grow back in just a couple of months. As time goes on, you might be more willing to try new things and start a new trend all together. Through the process, you’ll probably find a new friend – your hairstylist – and depending on how short you go, it might even be a barber. You never know what who you can become by just trying!

Feeding Frenzy

Friday, May 16th, 2014


They look innocent and beautiful until feeding time…

Shot on an iPhone by Jon Keeling.