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Light the night.

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Washington Park portico


Warm and cool all at the same time.

Shot by Ashley Youkilis on an iPhone with an Instagram filter.

Don’t Sink The Boat

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Earlier this month there was a crazy and terrifying story about a Royal Caribbean passenger who fell overboard. This is not the first time the infamous cruise line has lost someone, and it is just another bad scenario to add the list of Royal Caribbean’s PR nightmares in recent weeks.

Before Christmas, a female passenger on the Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, the Quantum of the Seas, was sexually assaulted. Just two weeks later, there was a nearly fatal drowning on the Oasis of the Seas after the person was swept under a wave pool for nearly five to ten minutes. No lifeguard was on duty.

Talk about a rough entrance to 2015.

Royal Caribbean has spent a fortune developing their fleet of cruise ships with the latest gadgets and features such as the North Star capsule, simulated balconies and other high-tech developments. Royal Caribbean needs to be investing in a crisis management team as their “lack of empathy and transparency” in the wake of the recent scandals has flooded social media. That said, public relations can’t fix everything. While gadgets and gizmos are totally cool, it’s more important for Royal Caribbean to allocate more of their budget focused on good on safety and security that passengers expect. And that would be news public relations teams are happy to promote!

Ann Keeling says:

It wouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that only a very small percentage of companies have any sort of crisis plan at the ready. Those who have had to pull their plan off the shelf and use it would tell any company executive what a great investment it is. Watching and observing news in the media, it’s easy to tell what companies have a crisis plan (typically quick responses, polished statements/messaging, calm demeanor of spokespeople) vs. those who do not (companies like Royal Caribbean). Crisis communications planning is as much about reputation management as it about preparedness.

No shower break.

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

“Make your skin your new tablet with the Cicret Bracelet.” 


Just think you could get your email and use your apps even in the bath tub. The Cicret App & Bracelet is set to eliminate any confines to access of your actual mobile device. Turning your arm into a touchscreen, the Cicret is providing a new way to be “hands-free,” while also boosting waterproof power. The device offers the all the features of a typical phone, including phone conversations with just a tap of the arm. The wristband, with a design similar to a FitBit or JawBone, has a built-in a projection-like feature, which – with the downloaded app on your phone and a quick flick of the wrist – syncs to your mobile device, enabling visual access to your cellular data on your arm.

But, do we really need more reason to read emails, play games, and scroll through our Twitter feed? It’s nice to take a break from screen time, and even if that is just limited to a 5-minute shower; it’s in our best interest to take advantage of the technology disconnect as long as we can.

The app & device are still in preliminary design and development stages, collecting fundraising dollars, and while it might seem like an advancement to make our technological lives “easier,” we can’t neglect questioning the rationale and “need” in having such a device. Because lifting our eyes to the world around us is becoming a lost art.

Ann Keeling says:

Technology is great and we need technology to continue to evolve and improve our lives. But do we really need this level of access to our information? A large percentage of people are obsessed with their devices and have no idea what they are missing in this world. This potentially creates a reason for people to never ‘turn off’….

Walk the tightrope.

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

wires and sky

East, West, North or South ?

Shot by Ashley Youkilis on an iPhone with an Instagram filter.

Quit Whining.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


via: Swiss-Miss

Traffic. Slow Internet. Incompetent sales associate. Line at the of mobile-phone obsessed customers at Starbucks. Negligent co-worker. Bad weather. Everyday there are dozens of unwelcome scenarios that can easily trigger complaints. While there are often times where we find it easier to wallow in our misery, nothing is accomplished from whining.

We all have a token complainer in our life, a family member, someone in our exercise class, the guy a couple of cubicles over – perhaps it may even be you…

Complaining is a form of attention seeking for all of the negative things in your life – and who really wants to attract more negatives in their life? Complaining is a destructive habit which limits our personal and professional capabilities, bringing negative energy into our work and personal life.

When shitty things happen, it doesn’t mean complaining is the go-to response. You are in control of responding to less than ideal circumstances with either positive or negative emotions.

The best way to address the “chronic complainer” syndrome is to start small: 24 hours without complaining. The goal is realistic, just a one-day challenge, but with the power to transform your life. See how you feel after one day, one week, one month, one year. It won’t take you long to realize the significant benefits of a positive attitude.

Ann Keeling says:

It’ll be tough, but I’m going to try it for 24 hours – and anyone reading this should, too.