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Archive for May, 2015

Summer Sunset.

Friday, May 29th, 2015


Downtown Cincinnati at sunset. Particularly beautiful during these summer evenings.

Shot on an iPhone by Hannah Peterson.

Productive Practices

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

With only 24 hours in a day, it seems nearly impossible to cross everything off of your list. Your eight hour workday doesn’t seem to be enough when you are juggling multiple projects and responsibilities, but a healthy work-life balance is something we all want. How is it possible to value personal well-being and professional growth? Productivity is the key to keeping you happy and balanced.

Work smarter, not harder. Get organized and make a to do list each day. Crossing things off of your list as you accomplish them throughout the day can be a satisfying practice. At the end of the day, prepare your to do list for the next day. This helps solidify what you have accomplished today and ensures your list for tomorrow will be just as prolific. Also, arriving at your office in the morning won’t be such a stressful time because you already know what you have to accomplish for the day. If other tasks pop up, you won’t feel flustered because your list is already prepared and has room for additions where necessary.

Although many of us would like to start our mornings with the easiest tasks when we sit down at our desk, tackling the least exciting and often more challenging projects on our to do list is a productive practice. Your mind is more awake in the morning and you have the creative energy to keep you focused and committed to completing the task. Additionally, completing this task frees your schedule up and allows you to do other tasks you enjoy more later in the workday when you ten to be lower on energy.

Start your day with a clear head, a positive attitude and a plan to accomplish the personal goals you have set. Mastering productivity not only transforms the way you complete your work in the office, but also contributes to a fulfilling life outside of work. When you cross things off of your list and free up some of your time, you have the opportunity to delegate some of this time for yourself. This is paramount in keeping your mind at its sharpest for other activities throughout your day.

Productivity starts with a purpose. Whether you are looking to cross more tasks off of your list in the office or you want to improve your overall personal well-being, productivity is the key. It is possible to optimize your daily process in your personal and professional life by staying committed to these constructive practices.

Ann Keeling says:

Our day-to-day seems to be very task based, but keeping the big ideas in mind helps drive “getting the work done” . If there is no overarching plan to work towards, chances are your day-to-day will soon become mundane and lose its meaning.

Building Better Relationships

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Forming relationships and building loyalty are key to any business. Making an effort to speak to your customers, addressing their interests and answering their questions is the first step in building this relationship. Frequently, businesses avoid asking for their customer’s opinions because they don’t know what kind of feedback they are going to receive. Positive or negative, your business needs the opinion and feedback of its customers in order to grow, make improvements and increase loyalty.

Asking for feedback can be the difference between customer retention and customer satisfaction. Yes, there is a difference. If a customer is satisfied with your product or service but chooses to never buy from your business again, the difference could be the lack of a relationship between the buyer and seller. People like to interact with other people and they tend to gravitate towards businesses that embrace this notion. If your business is filled with sales associates that are willing to take the extra step and make an effort to build a relationship during the transaction, the customer will notice. Going the extra mile will increase the probability that your customers choose you again in the future instead of your competitor.

If you have something valuable to offer your consumers, prove it. First impressions are the difference between a onetime customer and a repeat customer. Creating and building relationships is the difference between building loyalty and losing to the competition. Increase your brand’s power by building relationships with the people that matter the most: your customers. The opportunity to build these better relationships is only a conversation away.

Ann Keeling says:

Many marketers have become lazy in the customer relationship arena. Digital communication has become so prevalent and in many cases the frequency of communication is too high and the messaging off base. Some marketers think that more is better, when in reality it’s about relevance and right time/right place.

Solace Before Spring

Friday, May 22nd, 2015


Dead and gray serves a purpose until Spring arrives in all its glory.

Shot by Ashley Youkilis on an iPhone with an Instagram filter.

Quality vs. Quantity

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

The growth of social media has influenced companies to advertise products and services online through a variety of platforms. Keeping a positive presence on social media is important and can serve as a tool to reach more customers, but too much of a social media presence can cause lower engagement. Understanding how to utilize this powerful tool to successfully market a company or brand is essential.

Less is more with social media. Blowing up followers’ timelines with content will not engage them. Instead, most will likely be irritated with the overload of information and decide to un-follow the company. Instead of throwing as much as they can to see what sticks, companies should publish content that is tailored to their specific audience. Using the platform insights, identify what topics receive the most involvement and base future content on the areas with the highest engagement. Including information to educate is important, but incorporating some fun will enhance the interactions. Having a balance of both will keep the audience engaged.

Posting limited and relevant content is essential, but the appropriate eyes will not see the content unless attention to time of day is given. When posting content, be aware of the audience and the typical workday hours. Posting around people’s workday will help the content reach the most people. Social media tends to be most active in the morning as people are getting ready for the day and during lunch as a break from work. Posts in the afternoon are the most likely to reach and engage people because the workday is over.

Social media can serve as an incredible marketing tool when leveraged properly. The quality of the content is more important than the quantity. Focusing on the true value of the social media content instead of overloading followers’ timelines will have a significant impact on engagement rates.

Ann Keeling says:

When it comes to social, less is truly more. Meaningful, relevant content is key to ongoing engagement. We’ve all belonged to social platforms that initially were interesting and informative or entertaining, that ultimately led us to dis-engage with insane amounts of posts and/or irrelevant content. Smart brands know their audience intimately and through the right messages at the right times keep them as fans / followers.