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Archive for May, 2018

Paving the Way for Women’s Opportunity

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

“I think the girl who is able to earn her own living and pay her own way should be as happy as anybody on earth. The sense of independence and security is very sweet.” – Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony fought hard for women’s suffrage. She died 14 years before women were ultimately granted the right to vote, but she was a pioneer in the progress that was made. What seemed like such an unavoidable convention at the time, to inhibit women from having the same rights as men, is now seen as a historical misfortune by most. Granted there are numerous areas in today’s world where women still fall silent to the systematic inequality that has been deeply seeded in so many.

As a woman, reflecting on this quote of Anthony’s is humbling. To know that women today have been given the right and freedom to be who they want to be, which was once only a dream for countless others. To be considered complete and sufficient on one’s own, without the guidance, support or security of a man, is indeed a privilege.

But that’s not every woman’s goal in life, some women are deeply passionate about raising their children and making a home (as are some men). That’s great; there is value in their efforts. The issue becomes present when those very women forget that their right to have a say, and their liberty to choose between life’s opportunities was also fought for by many. Just because they’ve chosen a life path with less resistance and more broadly accepted convention, doesn’t mean they aren’t benefiting from what has been fought for on their behalf.

Unfortunately, these days it seems that women are pitted against one another. The stay-at-home moms of the world feel threatened by those who are balancing their careers and their families; those who spend their time in a board room feel judged by the women who stay busy caring for their children. And all of this contention for what? Neither of these lifestyles are better than the other. They’re both noble. The issue arises when people are so defensive that they’re unable to respect the preferences and sacrifices of another.

3 Types of People to Avoid in Organizational Politics

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Stick around any organization long enough and you’ll hear a recurring conversation begin to emerge. Regardless of the type of organization––nonprofit, corporation or an interest-based club, where people are, organizational politics will be also. Whether the desire is to grow, build organizational awareness, or create more effective goals, there are a few types of people or stances that will most likely make themselves known. You’ve probably run into one or more of these people a time or two:

  1. The “Millennials-Are-Everything” Person

We get it. Millennials are important. They’re significant to organizations as they become more influential in society, but every group has to analyze its goals, mission, and target audiences uniquely to determine if initiatives angled toward a younger audience would be beneficial to its overall growth efforts. Jumping on the millennial bandwagon just because everyone else is may not benefit your association in the long run and encouraging those that are pushing the pro-millennial bill too fiercely, could aggressively hinder your working relationships with other key audiences and stakeholders.

  1. The “Traditional Roots-Always-Win” Person

While millennials aren’t everything, doing nothing to encourage innovation in a changing society, will also leave an organization with less-than impressive outcomes. There will always be members of the “old regime” and they’ll attempt to stand their ground to see that no changes or advancements find their way in, but this has to be avoided. An organization that never innovates will become irrelevant regardless of how well a tactic worked 30 years ago. 

  1. The “Our-Leadership-Sucks” Person

This can be a legitimate claim and if so there will be more than one person saying it, but steer clear of the people who continuously blame the leadership and never do anything to make the organization better. These are the people who secretly enjoy blaming something or someone that they “can’t control” because it makes it seem as if their hands are tied. While in reality, they’re happy with the way things are because if they changed, they’d actually have to put forth effort.

The moral of the story is that it’s easy to talk about changes that need to be made, but when looking for great people to be part of an organization, look for the “do-ers” not just the talkers. People that are willing to put sweat equity in, will always bring more to the table than those who have lofty ideas but lack the work ethic to employ them.