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PR is creative, believe it or not.

Creativity is one of the foundational principles of public relations. In the mix of the expanding roles and demands PR faces, many firms have neglected to see creativity as a central focus of the profession, correlating the mindset instead, to more advertising, or product-driven categories.

But that shouldn’t be the case. Last week, The Holmes Report posted Radhika Shapoorjee’s “The Role of Creativity in Public Relations.”

“Creativity needs to belong to the PR industry. We have the power to create a meaningful dialogue and tell stories that touch people’s lives. This is our reality and this is our opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We need to own and celebrate creativity like never before and address and smash this ‘we are not the creative people’ identity barrier. We need to possess belief and confidence in ourselves and put creativity and caring for a larger purpose at the forefront of who we are and what we stand for.”

Historically, creativity was expected of public relations. Businesses needed the creative intelligence and communication expertise that only public relations professionals could provide – and that need hasn’t gone away. While some firms still continue to make that a cornerstone of their practice, the industry needs a shake-up…placing creativity at its core.

Ann Keeling says:

Much of public relations is built on factual information.  But the facts aren’t always that interesting.  That’s where creativity comes into play.  It’s the thinking of how to position a story or create a campaign that centers around a product, service, etc., but then to understand how to communicate that to an audience in an interesting and relevant way.  Take the Ice Bucket Challenge that rose to meteoric heights earlier this year – that was a very big idea that paid off exponentially for ALS.  Would anyone remember the campaign if it were just a straightforward awareness campaign for ALS?  Probably not.

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