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Bzz, bzz, bumble bee.

Friday, December 16th, 2016


The rich, saturated color of the world around us is captivating and nourishing.

Shot by: Jon Keeling

Dandelion of water.

Friday, December 2nd, 2016


Blow on the dried-up dandelion and see where it goes.

Shot by: Jon Keeling

To the heavens.

Friday, November 18th, 2016


Raise your hands high, open and wide — you are free.

Shot by: Jon Keeling

Electric light.

Friday, November 4th, 2016


Piled on in dimensions and light to reveal the totality of the idea.

Shot by: Jon Keeling

Dance, man, dance.

Friday, October 21st, 2016


Keith Haring was a master of activating his art so that anyone can understand it. 

Shot by: Jon Keeling