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New is old again.

Friday, July 15th, 2016

JK_paris 2010524_Snapseed

Images take on so many forms thanks to filters at the hands of anyone.

Shot by: Jon Keeling

Urban beauty.

Friday, June 17th, 2016


Made for modern times but no one ever forgets the history.

Shot by: Jon Keeling

One flag missing.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

“The United States of America, Barack Obama, President, was inexcusably absent from one of the most critical turning points in the war between radical Islam and the West since 9/11” – New York Daily News.

President Obama received criticism for not attending the ‘Unity March’ in Paris on January 11th following the tragic attacks, which killed 17. World leaders from over 40 countries joined three million, marching to defy terror – but the United States representatives were embarrassingly absent. The highest U.S. official from the United States to participate was the U.S. Ambassador to France – really ????

Why couldn’t Obama attend? Or send Biden or Kerry? Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, was even in Paris engaging in peace talks during the march, but neglected to travel a few blocks to join the march of dozens nations, all standing by France. The national and international communities were appalled that the United States did not join; making the U.S. look like they did think the tragedy was important enough to demand representation.

The attack was not only against the democratic values the United States holds so dear, but it was against one of the United State’s most steadfast allies in the War of Terror. At a time when the United States has been working to build support for their efforts to fight against terrorism, the fact they couldn’t support a nation under siege is tragic and heartbreaking. It’s not just about public & political reputation, but friendship and respect.

Ann Keeling says:

This is unconscionable in my opinion. It should make all of us embarrassed to be U.S. citizens. Did the President have something more important to attend, like a golf outing ???

The Best of Fashion

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Fashion month is a globe-trotting whirlwind. The world’s best dressed, the connoisseurs of the craft, and the reigning artisan kings and queens are at the top of their game; and this past month was no different. Fashion month is an extravagant creative wanderlust, with breaks only for industry icons to fly from one destination to the next. London, Milan, Paris, and New York are the host cities of the fashion world’s biennial reunion. While the attendees and itinerary often remain the same, each destination offers its own variation. New York is commercial, London is the place for up-and-coming designers, and Milan is where trends are already established. And Paris, well Paris is the ultimate party.

New York focused on creating the trends and designers aim for every woman to wear their clothes. Conversely, London tends to be remembered for creating fantasies; instead seeing how their dream world can make its way to reality. Milan embraces an older and more classic look. Hosting traditional European big house ‘ primarily Italian labels, Milan Fashion Week provides a taste of the quintessential elegance, sophistication, and culture with storied lines like Fendi, Etro, Armani, Versace, Pucci, and Ferragamo.

While the trio leading up to Paris is divine, ‘the City of Light‘ is the reigning champion. Paris Fashion Week is the mecca of fashion weeks with top designers, elaborate shows, amazing fashion; everyone who is anyone is in attendance. Paris evokes luxury, perfection, and expertise. The masterful display goes beyond the runway collections and extends to stunning invitations, spell-binding runway show entertainment, and world-class venues. The epicenter for high fashion and high drama; when you show in Paris,’ you’ve become a legend.

Legend himself, the ultimate show man, Karl Lagerfeld, once again stole the show in Paris. Chanel elaborately transformed its runway into a supermarket. Custom produce, chocolates, beverage, and shopping carts were among the featured products available to fashion show attendees. Although Chanel’s display might have held most of the Fashion Week press spots, Paris was not short of other spectacular displays.

The spectacle and grandeur of Paris Fashion Week has made it the number one destination during the fashion week circuit. Over the past few years many of the shows have lost their luster due to the influx of social media. Blogs, Twitter, and Instagram have taken away the runway experience, in effort of trying to preserve it. Paris’ 2014 Fall/Winter show reinvigorated the austerity and amazement of fashion. By standing apart and exemplifying it’s greatness, supports and benefits the entire fashion world. The Parisian standard encourages the boundless creativity and masterpiece style, the magic combination that keeps Paris on-top and fashion an iconic industry. The world needs a little more Paris’…

The City of Lights

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013

Travelers from all around the world voyage to the capital of France, also fondly referred to as the capital of cuisine, culture, fashion, and love. For generations people have journeyed to Paris to learn, discover, and live in a way that seems only possible with the Seine in sight. There are few places that have the unique ability that Paris does, to keep people enthralled and yearning to visit again and again. This ‘Parisian effect’ has found countless admirers in awe over the magic nestled in this city of lights.

Spending a day in the city is like watching a postcard come to life. Iconic monuments, stately boulevards, picturesque street corners, and beautiful bridges draping over the famous river provide just a snapshot of the city. Adorning these scenic places, one will observe effortlessly chic men and women buzzing around the streets. Walk around the Latin Quarter and you will hear languages from all around the world. Late night drinks on scattered wicker chairs and intimate tables creeping off the sidewalk and into the street, musicians playing outside of restaurants, wanderlust travelers, passionate residents, and a burgeoning youth make life appear exhilarating, but perfectly cohesive.

In the midst of a busy day, you can even find a moment of solitude. Settle into one of the many cafes to enjoy a conversation or people watching with an espresso and pain au chocolat (the best version of a croissant).. The atmosphere is not rushed, but rather carefree and relaxed. For such a large and vibrant city, Paris has its quiet moments, perhaps even serene. Escaping even just across from the vivacious Latin Quarter, one can find the historic Notre Dame Cathedral. Admiring the architectural feat and disappearing into its hallowed halls with only the glow of the Rose Window can make visitors speechless. As one moves south, weaving across the bridges as riverboats cut in and out of the undercrofts, and the streetlights begin to illuminate, the city quickly becomes the most romantic place on earth. Arriving on the promenade under the sparking lights of the Eiffel Tower, spotting couples to your right and left, the world seems blissful, peaceful, and almost perfect.

Paris is a combination of the physical beauty, the rich history, and a cultural flair unparalleled elsewhere. The city’s luxurious overlay with gilded furnishing, glorious monuments, and austere pastry shops is equally balanced with a deep soul comprised of revolutionary spirits, authentic artisans, and worldly dreamers. This is the splendor, the recipe of Paris.