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Where Style Meets Expertise: Cristofoli Keeling, Inc.

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Cristofoli Keeling, Inc. was founded around the idea that style inspires all. A majority woman-owned marketing communications firm established in 1999, Cristofoli Keeling, Inc. was created when founder, Ann Keeling, paired her seasoned design background with a high level of strategic communications experience. For today’s agile business environment, being comfortable with innovation is a prerequisite. Never shying away from exploring new ways to optimize client marketing investments, Cristofoli Keeling, Inc. embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, while leveraging the expertise and professionalism of an established organization.

After years of working in design management for international brand design firm LPK, Ann Keeling was asked to add the management of marketing communications for the firm to her client service role.  She observed that the public relations agencies would consistently position experienced professionals in the pitch process, but after winning the business, the execution would be handled by those less experienced who lacked industry understanding.

After seeing this reality become an unfortunate pattern, Keeling recognized an opportunity in the market to do things better. Vowing to provide clients with not only innovative thinking, but a seasoned understanding of their industry and challenges, Keeling founded the firm and stepped into the role that she continues to maintain today.

As founder and President of Cristofoli Keeling, Inc., clients have described Keeling by saying, “She strikes just the right balance between no-nonsense professionalism and setting a relaxed tone in the work-place.” An advocate for both clients and colleagues alike, Keeling has expanded her marketing communications empire, without ever neglecting her original goal – to provide every client with expert guidance and strategic execution.

Offering clients expertise without ever sacrificing style, Keeling lives by the adage, “Do It Right…Do It Big…Do It with Style.”

A Coke a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. . . Really ?!

Thursday, March 19th, 2015


via Think Progress

As our nation battles a health epidemic with the majority of citizens either overweight or obese, American fast food and snack brands are struggling, especially soda companies. While people may not be listening to nutritional recommendations as well as they should, there is definitely not a shortage of healthy eating guidelines. On those “foods you should stay away from” lists, soft drinks top the charts, thanks to their high calorie and sugar levels, which can potentially cause hazardous health risks including heart disease, obesity and diabetes. While the diet soda option might have helped lower caloric intake, the use of artificial sweeteners have health concerns of their own.

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other soda companies have conducted studies in attempt to contradict the research from scientist about the countless side effects of the beverages, but their efforts have not been too successful. When science isn’t on your side, it’s time to call in the experts…the PR guys.

Last month, Coca-Cola launched a public relations campaign to help promote the brand as a “refreshing beverage option.” Using both radio segments and op-eds, Coca-Cola collaborated with health experts and consultants to leverage their petite cans (known as bullet cans), suggesting that the mini cans are an ideal snack that emphasizes portion control. But health advocates aren’t pleased.

Coca-Cola isn’t the only food company trying to remain afloat as Americans attempt to be more health conscious (Burger King, McDonald’s), but is their ‘healthy messaging’ really accurate? There are times where external messaging can seem like it’s walking a fine line between truth and manipulation. To avoid these potential issues in communication, brand strategists should remember the foundational selling points of their product – what brought consumers there in the first place. This could help re-instill positive brand image and improve public opinion…. and in the right way!

Ann Keeling says:

This is a great example of brand management innovation. Coke’s strategy may gain visibility and may even gain new trial by consumers, but at the end of the day, positioning Coke as something it’s not (healthy) may damage the brand image.

Peace, Love, Weed – And PR?

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

The tough stuff, controversy and all, needs help bolstering its image amongst the public. Legalized marijuana being one of those hot topics. Are PR firms ready to tackle the initiative?

Hemp Public Relations is a new firm helping individuals and businesses in the legal marijuana industry to achieve greater visibility. Founder and public relations professional Mark Goldman states “The marijuana industry is growing rapidly and experiencing wider public embrace on a national level. Entrepreneurs who seize the opportunity to make a positive impression on the masses now, stand to gain generational loyalty and years of successful business”…not to mention tremendous profits.


Map of canabis laws in the United States.

The topic of marijuana has been making headlines across the nation the past couple of years with states lifting many restrictions. Washington and Colorado are completely restriction-free, with a number of states following suit with medical cannabis acceptance, decriminalized cannabis possession laws, or both. That said, marijuana is still illegal in over half of the nation – and much of the nation isn’t okay with the change in policy. Many unique challenges confront the legal marijuana industry and practitioners are calling on specialized PR firms for help in trying to communicate the value and safety of the newly legal product, perhaps even encouraging a few other states to hop on board.

Marijuana is not the only example of an issue that has its fair share of controversy. When working on a contentious issue, PR firms need to spend time considering the opposition, creating key messages that resonate with those opposed and those in favor, as well as really understanding the target audiences. Not every product, company, or stance can appease everyone, but that is where trained PR professionals can make a difference. Businesses need to focus on areas with the most opportunity for growth and influence. PR firms have expertise in communication strategy, and perhaps may even specialize in your company’s niche market. A good PR firm can mitigate negativity by being strategic about the message, delivery, and understanding the target media to secure the third party credibility that can sway and convince.

Ann Keeling says:

Good clients know they don’t know everything; that’s why they hire people like us.  They listen and consider our points of view.  We get creative about how to resolve a potentially hairy communication issue.  That’s a great partnership.