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February 22, 2011


LaRosa’s Updates Cincinnati’s Favorite Fundraising Program To Simplify Offers, Extend More Rewards to Sellers

CINCINNATI, OH -February 22, 2011- LaRosa’s Buddy Card® Fundraising Program, a Greater Cincinnati tradition for groups and teams to raise money for over 15 years, is getting a digital facelift. Buddy Cards, long recognized by their signature stickers, will now look and function much like a gift card, where users can manage the offers online and redeem them at any participating LaRosa’s pizzeria with one simple swipe. The new program launches across Greater Cincinnati and Dayton on February 21 and is available now for groups or organizations interested in selling Buddy Cards to raise money.

The big win with the new Buddy Card will be for those selling them. Groups will get 50% of their Buddy Card sales or $5 for each card sold- regardless of the quantity they are able to sell. The old program offered a tiered compensation structure that wasn’t as rich. “Our goal was to create an easier, more convenient way for Guests to redeem their Buddy Card offers and at the same time help groups and organizations earn more for their effort,” said Mike LaRosa, LaRosa’s CEO. “Thousands of people in Greater Cincinnati recognize the Buddy Card. Many of them actually sold them to raise funds for new uniforms or equipment, or to raise money for trips. The Buddy Card program is about neighbors supporting neighbors and LaRosa’s has been proud to contribute to that effort for more than 15 years.” The old Buddy Card will continue to be honored at LaRosa’s pizzerias through October 2011.

After purchasing a Buddy Card from a group, guests can activate their cards online at mybuddycard.com and immediately load 14 offers for “buy any large pizza, get a large cheese pizza FREE” for dine in or pick up. Or, they can simply use the card and the pizzeria will activate the card for them. The price for Buddy Cards remains the same, and at $10, each Buddy Card has $150 in retail value.

The Buddy Card program has nearly 70% awareness among people in Greater Cincinnati. “Not only does the awareness make it easy to sell the cards, but the success of the program can be attributed to its effectiveness. It offers savings and at the same time, gives groups a chance to raise money,” continues LaRosa.

For groups and organizations interested in selling the new Buddy Cards, the process works something like this: LaRosa’s works with individual groups to establish a sales goal (a 50 card minimum) and its campaign timeframe. The group then pre-sells the cards at $10 each and collects the customers’ contact information. When the campaign is over, the group pays LaRosa’s $5 per card and the group handles passing the cards out to its customers.

For more information on the program, or to sign up, go to www.mybuddycard.com and click on “Sign up to sell Buddy Cards,” email at buddycard@larosas.com, or call 513.347.4664.

About LaRosa’s
LaRosa’s was founded in 1954 on Cincinnati’s west side by Buddy LaRosa.  It is now a $125 million restaurant company with 64 pizzerias serving neighborhoods throughout Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana, Dayton, Ohio and Southeast Ohio. To learn more about LaRosa’s, go to www.larosas.com.

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