Glassdoor: Not just for finding talent.

Glassdoor –– that thing we study intensely during a job search, and then forget about for another 4 years. More technically speaking, Glassdoor describes itself as one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites that helps people everywhere find companies they love.  

So, where’s the room for improvement on your organization’s profile? Many companies leave the management (or neglection) of their Glassdoor page to their HR department, while in reality, Glassdoor should be a tool that’s managed both by marketing and HR. The messaging that’s communicated on Glassdoor through the company profile and in response to individual’s negative or positive reviews should mirror the overall tone and messaging that a company uses in their other digital efforts.  

View Glassdoor as another social media platform. Just as Facebook is different than Twitter, Glassdoor has its own unique purpose within the realm of talent acquisition and retention.  You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think your current employees aren’t frequently looking at Glassdoor; they want reinforcement that they work for a company who actively manages how they come across to the rest of the world.  Glassdoor also matters in your business development efforts;  prospective clients look at your Glassdoor just as much as they look at your traditional social channels – they want to be sure that the companies they work with have happy employees and an open culture.  From a talent acquisition perspective, the better you’re able to communicate what your company is and does, the more likely you are to attract the right type of talent. Beyond your company’s identity, the way that you respond (and the timeliness of that response) to reviews of past or present employees needs to be consistent with what the company would say and do. These responses should be carefully considered for brand uniformity and should clearly communicate how much the company values its staff, expressing care, innovation and effort. 

Overall, Glassdoor can be a great tool or a bad report card in the eyes of potential employees (or current employees, clients or prospective clients). Like any other social platform, Glassdoor should be managed, monitored and updated often.  Doing small things to maintain your company’s profile, can have a long-term, positive impact on your organization’s online reputation. 

Amy Greene