The Power of Quiet Consistency & Effort

We catalogue our lives through our epic moments– big purchases, big decisions, big breaks. When we think of growth or forward movement our minds quickly go to making major advances and making them fast.   

However, quiet consistency is where true power originates. It’s common-practice to think flashy ideas and big talk will expedite the process and allow us to skip over the monotonous part where we simply have to put the work in, but in reality, all growth comes from consistency & effort. You won’t get fit without regular work outs, in order to excel in your career you need to put in the work every day, good, methodical habits like saving equals more money in the bank, among other things. 

We’re so drawn to the ‘get more and get it faster’ schemes and promises – but there’s a reason why they rarely work. They lack the quiet consistency of regularly showing up. Showing up mentally, physically and financially to make the hard decisions, withstand challenges and learn how to be better next time.  

Yet no one praises consistency, they tend to praise the big moments of achievement. So, in the times of boring old steadiness, you must praise yourself. You know what you are doing and why, and that your consistent effort towards goals you have set yourself is even harder than those with the big talk and loud ideas… 

Amy Greene