Internal Communication – Is silence killing your workplace?

“The truth hurts, but silence kills.” – Mark Twain 

We experience it in our personal relationships – the toxic effects of silence. While silence can be undeniably important, we all understand that open lines of communication are the key to any successful relationship whether personal or professional. The things that go unsaid are where true communication lies. 

Communication plays a significant role in cultivating company culture and lays a foundation for an organization’s success. What is the communication structure like at your company? Do team members feel comfortable to openly express their ideas, feelings and opinions? Or does a lack of open communication perpetuate a culture where staff members live in fear of finger-pointing and blame games? The absence of healthy communication can quickly create an environment where creativity is repressed and survival strategies become the way-of-life. 

If your workplace lacks an effective internal communications strategy consider the benefits that one could provide. Essential internal communications generate employee commitment and trust while propelling the company’s overall business strategy. Don’t let silence do the talking in your workplace. If you’re interested in driving your company’s overall business strategy through internal communications, learn more about Cristofoli Keeling, Inc.’s strategic approach to a healthier, more effective workplace culture:

Amy Greene