Myth: Even Crap Marketing is Better than No Marketing at All

Twitter followers, Google ads, Instagram stories, media mentions….you know you need them – but if you’re honest, sometimes that’s all you know. 

So many people, make the all-too-common mistake of jumping into disjointed marketing programs with no real objectives in mind simply because they know they ‘need marketing’. Some is better than none, right?! WRONG. 

Don’t just think marketing objectives, think overall business objectives. Marketing should never be in a silo separate from your company’s overall business objectives. Often times marketing is seen as a drain on the budget, when in reality it should be a key tool used to strategically propel the overall growth goals of a company. 

How can you make sure your organization is going about marketing in the right order? Always start with identifying your company’s overall business objectives first and then determine how marketing efforts can be employed to reach those objectives. Consider the ROI of your potential marketing plan. Is the cost worth the outcome? If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ that’s a bad sign. 

When clear business objectives are in place, a qualified marketer will know exactly which tactics should be employed to reach your goals, but the goals must be identified first.  

Amy Greene